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  As Matt Ho explained on the mailing list:<p class="paragraph"/> A value stack is essentially a List.  Calling &#91;1] on the stack, 
 returns a substack beginning with the element at index 1.  It's only 
 when you call methods on the stack that your actual objects will be 
 called.<p class="paragraph"/> Said another way, let's say I have a value stack that consists of a 
 model and an action as follows:<p class="paragraph"/> &#91; model, action ]<p class="paragraph"/> here's how the following ognl would resolve:<p class="paragraph"/> &#91;0] - a CompoundRoot object that contains our stack, &#91;model, action]<p class="paragraph"/> &#91;1] - another CompoundRoot that contains only &#91;action]<p class="paragraph"/> &#91;0].toString() - calls toString() on the first object in the value 
 stack (excluding the CompoundRoot) that supports the toString() method<p class="paragraph"/> &#91;1].foo - call getFoo() on the first object in the value stack 
 starting from &#91;action] and excluding the CompoundRoot that supports a 
 getFoo() method<p class="paragraph"/> I hope this doesn't sound too confusing :&#13;<p class="paragraph"/> If you're using Velocity, this can most easily be written as:<p class="paragraph"/> $stack.findValue("&#91;0]").peek()<p class="paragraph"/> Unfortunately, &#60;ww:property value="0.peek()"/&#62; won't work as this 
 would translate into "starting at the top of the value stack (and 
 excluding the CompoundRoot), find the first object that has a method 
 called peek()"<p class="paragraph"/><hr class="line"/>thanks Matt!<p class="paragraph"/>here is the com.opensymphony.xwork.util.CompoundRoot class which Matt mentions:<p class="paragraph"/><div class="code"><pre><span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> class CompoundRoot <span class="java&#45;keyword">extends</span> ArrayList &#123;
    //~ Constructors ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////<p class="paragraph"/>    <span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> CompoundRoot() &#123;
    &#125;<p class="paragraph"/>    <span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> CompoundRoot(List list) &#123;
        <span class="java&#45;keyword">super</span>(list);
    &#125;<p class="paragraph"/>    //~ Methods ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////<p class="paragraph"/>    <span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> CompoundRoot cutStack(<span class="java&#45;object">int</span> index) &#123;
        <span class="java&#45;keyword">return</span> <span class="java&#45;keyword">new</span> CompoundRoot(subList(index, size()));
    &#125;<p class="paragraph"/>    <span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> <span class="java&#45;object">Object</span> peek() &#123;
        <span class="java&#45;keyword">return</span> get(0);
    &#125;<p class="paragraph"/>    <span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> <span class="java&#45;object">Object</span> pop() &#123;
        <span class="java&#45;keyword">return</span> remove(0);
    &#125;<p class="paragraph"/>    <span class="java&#45;keyword">public</span> void push(<span class="java&#45;object">Object</span> o) &#123;
        add(0, o);
<h3 class="heading-1-1">What's on the stack?
WebWork2 contains the following items by default in the ValueStack:
<ul class="star">
<li>req - the current HttpServletRequest</li>
<li>res - the current HttpServletResponse</li>
<li>stack - the current OgnlValueStack</li>
<li>ognl - an instance of OgnlTool</li>
<li>ui - a (now deprecated) instance of a ui tag renderer</li>
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