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	  <h1 class="snip-name">Quick boiler-plate WebWork2 project with megg
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 megg will generate a basic <b class="bold">hello world</b> style WebWork2 project for you,with your favourite package name, desired action name, etc.  All wrapped up in a lovely little ant script.
<li>Download megg from <span class="nobr"><img src="http://wiki.opensymphony.com/images/external-link.png" alt="&gt;&gt;" border="0"/><a href="http://sf.net/projects/megg">&#104;ttp://sf.net/projects/megg</a></span></li>
<li>Run as shown below.</li>
<li>Copy webwork jar files into project lib directory. (This is detailed by megg after you generate project)</li>
<li>change directory into created project and run <b class="bold">ant dist</b> or <b class="bold">ant deploy</b></li>
</ol><p class="paragraph"/>
c:projects&#62;<b class="bold">java -jar megg_0_0_4.jar</b><p class="paragraph"/> the templates you wish to use<p class="paragraph"/>  templateDirectory &#91;java&#93; : <b class="bold">webwork2</b><p class="paragraph"/> package prefix for your classes<p class="paragraph"/>  domainName &#91;com.mammals.dogs&#93; :<p class="paragraph"/> the unique name for this project<p class="paragraph"/>  projectName &#91;shadow&#93; :<p class="paragraph"/> the first action class you wish to create<p class="paragraph"/>  mainAction &#91;BarkAction&#93; :<p class="paragraph"/> if you want to pre-compile jsp pages then put path to tomcat<p class="paragraph"/>  tomcatDir &#91;C:&#80;rogram Files&#65;pache Group&#84;omcat 4.1&#93; :<p class="paragraph"/>generate:<p class="paragraph"/>    &#91;apply&#93; Generating 12 file(s)<p class="paragraph"/>
This is the first pass, hope you lot can help me to make it better,<p class="paragraph"/>jez.