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					    This page last changed on May 31, 2004 by <font color="#0050B2">vitorsouza</font>.

				    <p class="paragraph"><h1 style="margin: 4px 0px 4px 0px;" class="heading1"><a name="TutorialLesson04-Lesson4%3AViews"> Lesson 4: Views</a></h1></p>There are some different technologies that you could use as the view, i.e., to construct the user interface:
<p class="paragraph"><h2 class="heading2"><a name="TutorialLesson04-Lesson4.1JavaServerPages"> Lesson 4.1 - Java Server Pages</a></h2></p>JSP is the common choice, because most Java web developers are already familiar with the technology. This lesson assumes you already have experience with Java Server Pages and demonstrates how you can use the WebWork features in JSP, mostly by using WebWork tags.<p class="paragraph"><a href="TutorialLesson04-01.html" title="TutorialLesson04-01">Go to lesson 4.1</a></p><h2 class="heading2"><a name="TutorialLesson04-Lesson4.2Velocity"> Lesson 4.2 - Velocity</a></h2><p class="paragraph">Velocity is a Java-based template engine that provides a simple, but powerful, template language that replaces JSP and allows for separation of concerns. This lesson assumes that you are already familiar with Velocity and teaches you how to use WebWork features from it.</p><a href="TutorialLesson04-02.html" title="TutorialLesson04-02">Go to lesson 4.2</a>
<p class="paragraph"><h2 class="heading2"><a name="TutorialLesson04-Lesson4.3Freemarker"> Lesson 4.3 - Freemarker</a></h2></p>Designed for MVC pattern, Freemarker is another Java-based template engine that provides a powerful template language that replaces JSP, but can remain JSP-compatible with a JSP taglib support. This lesson teaches you how to use WebWork and Freemarker together.<p class="paragraph"><a href="TutorialLesson04-03.html" title="TutorialLesson04-03">Go to lesson 4.3</a></p><hr class="line"/><p class="paragraph"><a href="TutorialLesson03.html" title="TutorialLesson03">Previous Lesson</a> | <a href="TutorialLesson05.html" title="TutorialLesson05">Next Lesson</a></p>

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