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                            WebWork 2 : Upgrading from 2.0
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					    This page last changed on Aug 26, 2004 by <font color="#0050B2">plightbo</font>.

				    <p class="paragraph">Upgrading from Webwork 2.0 is rather trivial.  This version of webwork adds enhancements and bug fixes with hardly any configuration or syntax changes.  Follow these two simple steps and you should be on your way with the latest and greatest from the OS crew.<br/>
<li> Update/Replace your current binaries with the new binaries located in the distribution download under the <tt class="monospaced">lib/core</tt>.  You may also want to grab any related jars from the <tt class="monospaced">lib/optional</tt> folder.  Don&#039;t forget the webwork binary <tt class="monospaced">webwork-2.1.jar</tt> in the base directory of the distribution download. Review the <a href="Dependencies.html" title="Dependencies">Dependencies</a> for Webwork.</li>
<li> Check out the <a href="Release Notes - 2.1.html" title="Release Notes - 2.1">Release Notes - 2.1</a> to see if any of changes need to be applied to your code base.</li>

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