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add support to limit the classes that can be loaded by the reloading class loader

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+import java.util.regex.Pattern;
+import java.util.regex.Matcher;
+import java.util.Set;
+import java.util.Collections;
+import java.util.Collection;
+import java.util.HashSet;
  * The ReloadingClassLoader uses a delegation mechanism to allow
     private ResourceStore[] stores;
     private ClassLoader delegate;
+    private Set<Pattern> acceptClasses = Collections.emptySet();
     public ReloadingClassLoader(final ClassLoader pParent) {
         parent = pParent;
     public Class loadClass(String name) throws ClassNotFoundException {
-        return delegate.loadClass(name);
+        return isAccepted(name) ? delegate.loadClass(name) : parent.loadClass(name);
     public void setClassAssertionStatus(String className, boolean enabled) {
     public void setPackageAssertionStatus(String packageName, boolean enabled) {
         delegate.setPackageAssertionStatus(packageName, enabled);
+    public void setAccepClasses(Set<Pattern> acceptClasses) {
+        this.acceptClasses = acceptClasses;
+    }
+    protected boolean isAccepted(String className) {
+        if (!this.acceptClasses.isEmpty()) {
+            for (Pattern pattern : acceptClasses) {
+                Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(className);
+                if (matcher.matches()) {
+                    return true;
+                }
+            }
+            return false;
+        } else
+            return true;
+    }
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