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WW-1054: make the build entirely self-sufficient
also, added better readme files for XW and WW


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-<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
-<BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
-<H1>XWork README</H1>
-<SPAN class=info>Version: <B>@version@</B> - Build Date: <B>@builddate@</B> - 
-<P>Thank you for downloading XWork! XWork is a generic command pattern framework 
-  originally built from the core of WebWork and then later split out to its own 
-  project.</P>
-<h3>Key Features </h3>
-  <li>Interceptor-based framework, allowing for tons of extensions to be built</li>
-  <li>Inversion of Control (IoC) framework</li>
-  <li>Can be used as the basis for a web application framework all the way to 
-    a workflow engine</li>
-<h3>What's Included in this Release </h3>
-  <table width="75%" border="0">
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="-1">/README.html</font></td>
-      <td><font size="-1">This file</font></td>
-    </tr>
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="-1">/xwork-@version@.jar</font></td>
-      <td><font size="-1">Core classes and resources</font></td>
-    </tr>
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="-1">/xwork-editor-@version@.jar</font></td>
-      <td><font size="-1">Configuration file editor donated by Jon Lipsky</font></td>
-    </tr>
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="-1">/docs/</font></td>
-      <td><font size="-1">All documentation</font></td>
-    </tr>
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="-1">/src/</font></td>
-      <td><font size="-1">Source code for XWork, tests, and the editor</font></td>
-    </tr>
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="-1">/lib/</font></td>
-      <td><font size="-1">All JARs, including optional JARs</font></td>
-    </tr>
-  </table>
-<h3>Documentation </h3>
-  <LI><A 
-  href="docs/index.html">All documentation</A> for this release, including the change log
-  <LI><a href="docs/api/index.html">JavaDocs</a> for this release
-  <LI><A href="">XWork Wiki</A> (all the 
-    latest documentation) </LI>
-<h3>Mailing Lists </h3>
-  <LI><A 
-  href="">XWork 
-    / WebWork</A> mailing list - for general support, help and development of 
-    XWork and WebWork. 
-  <LI><A 
-  href="">XWork 
-    CVS list</A> (for developers) 
-<h3>Issue Tracker </h3>
-  <LI><A 
-  href="">Online 
-    Issue Tracker</A> - Please submit bug reports or RFE's here. </LI>
     <target name="init" depends="common.init" unless="skip.ivy">
-        <taskdef name="ivy-configure" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyConfigure"/>
-        <taskdef name="ivy-resolve" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyResolve"/>
-        <taskdef name="ivy-retrieve" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyRetrieve"/>
-        <taskdef name="ivy-publish" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyPublish"/>
-        <taskdef name="ivy-report" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyReport"/>
-        <taskdef name="ivy-deliver" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyDeliver"/>
+        <taskdef name="ivy-configure" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyConfigure" classpathref="cp"/>
+        <taskdef name="ivy-resolve" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyResolve" classpathref="cp"/>
+        <taskdef name="ivy-retrieve" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyRetrieve" classpathref="cp"/>
+        <taskdef name="ivy-publish" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyPublish" classpathref="cp"/>
+        <taskdef name="ivy-report" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyReport" classpathref="cp"/>
+        <taskdef name="ivy-deliver" classname="fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant.IvyDeliver" classpathref="cp"/>
     <target name="predist" depends="tiger">
+        <!-- grab the README.txt file -->
+        <copy file="${src}/etc/README.txt" todir="${dist}"/>
         <copy file="${build}/${name}-tiger-${version}.jar" todir="${dist}"/>

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File src/etc/README.txt

+Thanks for trying out XWork: the foundation for WebWork, Java's most 
+cutting edge web development platform. WebWork is brought to you by
+the OpenSymphony team. You can find out more about WebWork and
+OpenSymphony at
+=== Documentation ===
+The documentation can be found in HTML and PDF format in the docs
+ * HTML format: docs/Documentation.html
+ * PDF format: docs/docs.pdf
+ * Javadocs: docs/api/index.html
+This documentation has been generated from the XWork wiki at the time
+of this release. If you are looking for the absolute latest
+documentation, please visit the wiki at:
+Note that these docs could include information about features not
+included in this release, so take care when referencing the wiki.
+=== Building ===
+If you'd like to build your own version of XWork, we've included
+everything you need in this distribution. The ant script, build.xml,
+contains a "jar" task that you can launch to create your own xwork
+jar. The only thing you must do before hand is set up the proper jars
+in the ANT_HOME/lib directory. These jars are:
+ * lib/bootstrap/clover-license.jar
+ * lib/build/clover.jar
+ * lib/build/junit.jar
+Once you've copied these three jars in to the ANT_HOME/lib directory,
+simply run "ant jar" to create your own version of XWork.