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GenericsObjectTypeDeterminer needs to support nested Generics type conversion
o added some more testcases to trace down this bug

Issue Number: XW-408

git-svn-id: e221344d-f017-0410-9bd5-d282ab1896d7

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         System.out.println("gb.getExtendedMap(): " + gb.getExtendedMap());
         assertEquals(2, gb.getExtendedMap().size());
+        System.out.println(stack.findValue("extendedMap"));
         assertEquals(4, stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(123.12).size"));
         assertEquals(5, stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(456.12).size"));
+        assertEquals("1", stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(123.12).get(0)"));
+        assertEquals("5", stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(456.12).get(0)"));
+        assertEquals(Integer.class, stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(123.12).get(0).class"));
+        assertEquals(Integer.class, stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(456.12).get(0).class"));
         assertEquals(List.class, stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(123.12).class"));
         assertEquals(List.class, stack.findValue("extendedMap.get(456.12).class"));
     public static class Foo1 {
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