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     public static synchronized void destroyConfiguration() {
         synchronized (configurationProviders) {
+        	clearConfigurationProviders(); // let's destroy the ConfigurationProvider first
             configurationProviders = new ArrayList();
+            if (configurationInstance != null)
+            	configurationInstance.destroy(); // let's destroy it first, before nulling it.
             configurationInstance = null;


 package com.opensymphony.xwork.config;
+import org.easymock.MockControl;
 import com.mockobjects.dynamic.C;
 import com.mockobjects.dynamic.Mock;
 import com.opensymphony.util.FileManager;
+    public void testDestroyConfiguration() throws Exception {
+    	MockControl control = MockControl.createControl(Configuration.class);
+    	Configuration configuration = (Configuration) control.getMock();
+    	ConfigurationManager.setConfiguration(configuration);
+    	configuration.destroy();		// EasyMock
+    	configProviderMock.expect("destroy");  // MockObject
+    	control.replay();
+    	ConfigurationManager.destroyConfiguration();
+    	configProviderMock.verify();
+    	control.verify();
+    }
+    public void testClearConfigurationProviders() throws Exception {
+    	configProviderMock.expect("destroy");  
+    	ConfigurationManager.clearConfigurationProviders();
+    	configProviderMock.verify();
+    }
     protected void setUp() throws Exception {
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