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Fixing type conversion issue: field errors were added when empty strings were passed in for basic types. XworkBasicConverter now checks for empty Strings and sets null without adding an error.


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  * @version $Revision$
 public class XWorkBasicConverter extends DefaultTypeConverter {
+    //~ Static fields/initializers /////////////////////////////////////////////
+    private static final Object OK_NULL_RESULT = new Object();
     //~ Methods ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
     public Object convertValue(Map context, Object o, Member member, String s, Object value, Class toType) {
         Object result = null;
+        //short circuit conversion for empty strings... these are not conversion errors
+        if ("".equals(value)) {
+            result = (String.class.equals(toType)) ? "" : OK_NULL_RESULT;
+            return result;
+        }
         if (toType == String.class) {
             result = doConvertToString(context, value);
         } else if (toType == boolean.class) {
             throw new TypeConversionException("Unable to convert value '" + value + "' to type " + toType.getName());
+        if (result == OK_NULL_RESULT) {
+            return null;
+        }
         return result;
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