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adding more generic top level domains for valid email addresses...


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 public class EmailValidator extends StringRegexValidator {
     public static final String emailAddressPattern =
-            "\\b(^(\\S+@).+((\\.com)|(\\.net)|(\\.org)|(\\.info)|(\\.edu)|(\\.mil)|(\\.gov)|(\\.biz)|(\\.ws)|(\\.us)|(\\.tv)|(\\.cc)|(\\..{2,2}))$)\\b";
+            "\\b(^(\\S+@).+((\\.com)|(\\.net)|(\\.org)|(\\.info)|(\\.edu)|(\\.mil)|(\\.gov)|(\\.biz)|(\\.ws)|(\\.us)|(\\.tv)|(\\.cc)|(\\.aero)|(\\.arpa)|(\\.coop)|(\\.int)|(\\.jobs)|(\\.museum)|(\\.name)|(\\.pro)|(\\.travel)|(\\.nato)|(\\..{2,2}))$)\\b";
     public EmailValidator() {
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