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WW-445: Support the old style of error getters


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 import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory;
 import java.util.*;
         return validationAware.getActionErrors();
+    /**
+     * @deprecated Use {@link #getActionErrors()}.
+     */
+    public Collection getErrorMessages() {
+        return getActionErrors();
+    }
     public void setFieldErrors(Map errorMap) {
         return validationAware.getFieldErrors();
+    /**
+     * @deprecated Use {@link #getFieldErrors()}.
+     */
+    public Map getErrors() {
+        return getFieldErrors();
+    }
     public Locale getLocale() {
         return (ActionContext.getContext() != null) ? ActionContext.getContext().getLocale() : null;
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