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o adding ant target for tiger-javadocs
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     <import file="osbuild.xml"/>
-    <path id="junit-tiger.cp">
+    <path id="tiger.cp">
         <fileset dir="lib">
             <include name="**/*.jar"/>
             <include name="**/*.zip"/>
         <pathelement location="${}"/>
         <pathelement location="tiger/build/java"/>
+    </path>
+    <path id="junit-tiger.cp">
+        <path refid="tiger.cp"/>
         <pathelement location="tiger/build/test"/>
         <pathelement location="tiger/build/java-test"/>
+    <target name="tiger-javadocs" description="generate tiger javadocs" depends="common.init">
+        <mkdir dir="${}/tiger-api"/>
+        <javadoc sourcepath="tiger/src/java"
+                 destdir="${}/tiger-api"
+                 packagenames="${docs.packages}"
+                 classpathref="tiger.cp"
+                 author="true"
+                 version="true"
+                 overview="${}/overview.html"
+                 windowTitle="${fullname} Tiger API - ${version}"
+                 doctitle="${fullname} Tiger API (${version})"
+                 footer="&lt;a href=&quot;${name}/&quot; target=&quot;_top&quot;&gt;${fullname} Project Page&lt;/a&gt;"
+                 use="true"
+                 verbose="false"
+                source="1.5">
+            <link href=""/>
+            <link href="${compile.version}/techdocs/api/"/>
+        </javadoc>
+        <!-- <copy overwrite="yes" file="${docs}/main.css" tofile="${docs}/api/stylesheet.css"/> -->
+    </target>
     <target name="ivyrep" depends="common.ivyrep">
         <antcall target="ivyrep.impl" inheritrefs="no" inheritall="no">
             <param name="name" value="${name}-tiger"/>
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