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Updated to be according to comments on XW-358


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         assertEquals(rb, tp.getTexts(TextProviderSupportTest.class.getName()));
+    public void testDifficultSymbols1() {
+        String val= tp.getText("symbols1"); 
+        assertEquals("\"=!@#$%^&*(){qwe}<>?:|}{[]\\';/.,<>`~'", val);
+    }
+    public void testDifficultSymbols2() {
+        String val= tp.getText("symbols2"); 
+        assertEquals("\"=!@#$%^&*()<>?:|[]\\';/.,<>`~'", val);
+    } 
     protected void setUp() throws Exception {
         rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle(TextProviderSupportTest.class.getName(), Locale.ENGLISH);


 hello=Hello World
 hello.0=Hello World {0}
 hello.1=Hello World. This is {0} speaking {1}
+#wrong (unescaped ', {, \): symbols1="=!@#$%^&*(){qwe}<>?:|}{[]\';/.,<>`~'
+#wrong: symbols1="=!@#$%^&*()<>?:|[]\';/.,<>`~'
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