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XW-210 : The default message text for type conversion errors is now in and can be overridden by providing a different text in a default message bundle.

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     public static final String ACTION_EXECUTION_ERROR = "xwork.error.action.execution";
     public static final String MISSING_ACTION_EXCEPTION = "xwork.exception.missing-action";
     public static final String MISSING_PACKAGE_ACTION_EXCEPTION = "xwork.exception.missing-package-action";
+    public static final String DEFAULT_INVALID_FIELDVALUE = "xwork.default.invalid.fieldvalue";


 import com.opensymphony.xwork.ActionContext;
 import com.opensymphony.xwork.ObjectFactory;
+import com.opensymphony.xwork.XWorkMessages;
 import ognl.DefaultTypeConverter;
 import ognl.Evaluation;
     //~ Methods ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
     public static String getConversionErrorMessage(String propertyName, OgnlValueStack stack) {
-        String defaultMessage = "Invalid field value for field \"" + propertyName + "\".";
+        String defaultMessage = LocalizedTextUtil.findDefaultText(XWorkMessages.DEFAULT_INVALID_FIELDVALUE, ActionContext.getContext().getLocale(), new Object[] {
+                propertyName
+            });
         String getTextExpression = "getText('" + CONVERSION_ERROR_PROPERTY_PREFIX + propertyName + "','" + defaultMessage + "')";
         String message = (String) stack.findValue(getTextExpression);


 xwork.error.action.execution=Error during Action invocation
 xwork.exception.missing-action=There is no Action mapped for action name {0}
 xwork.exception.missing-package-action=There is no Action mapped for namespace {0} and action name {1}
+xwork.default.invalid.fieldvalue=Invalid field value for field "{0}".
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