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i18n now looks for hierarchy of as well

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+        // nothing still? alright, search the package hierarchy now
+        clazz = aClass;
+        do {
+            try {
+                String packageName = clazz.getPackage().getName();
+                ResourceBundle bundle = findResourceBundle(packageName + ".package", locale);
+                reloadBundles(bundle);
+                String message = TextParseUtil.translateVariables(bundle.getString(aTextName), valueStack);
+                return MessageFormat.format(message, args);
+            } catch (MissingResourceException ex) {
+                clazz = clazz.getSuperclass();
+            }
+        } while (!clazz.equals(Object.class));
         return getDefaultText(aTextName, locale, valueStack, args, defaultMessage);
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