xwork / osbuild.xml

Diff from to


     <property name="build.test" value="${build}/test"/>
     <property name="" value="${build}/java-test"/>
     <property name="" value="${build}/java"/>
-    <property name="build.clover" value="${build}/clover"/>
     <property name="dist" location="dist"/>
     <property name="docs" location="docs"/>
     <available property="junit.available" classname="junit.framework.TestCase"/>
-    <available property="clover.available" classname=""/>
     <target name="init" depends="init-anthill, init-standalone">
         <fail message="Cannot run test cases. Please copy lib/build/junit.jar to ${ant.home}/lib"/>
-    <target name="clover-check" depends="init" unless="clover.available">
-        <fail message="Cannot run coverage tests. Please copy lib/build/clover.jar and lib/build/clover.license (if it exists) to ${ant.home}/lib"/>
-    </target>
     <target name="clean">
         <delete dir="${build}"/>
         <delete dir="${dist}"/>
     <target name="jar" depends="compile" description="build the project jar file">
         <mkdir dir="${build}"/>
+        <mkdir dir="${}/maven/com/opensymphony/xwork" />
+        <copy file="pom.xml" todir="${}/maven/com/opensymphony/xwork" />
         <jar basedir="${}" excludes="${jar.excludes}" jarfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.jar">
         <compile srcdir="${src.test}" destdir="${build.test}" classpath="${}"
                  source="${test.compile.version}" target="${test.compile.version}"/>
-        <taskdef resource="clovertasks"/>
         <taskdef name="junit" classname=""/>
-        <mkdir dir="${build.clover}"/>
-        <clover-setup initString="${build.clover}/coverage.db">
-            <statementContext name="logIsDebugEnabled"
-                              regexp="[\s]*if[\s]*\([\s]*(log|_log|LOG|_LOG)\.isDebugEnabled.*"/>
-            <statementContext name="logDebug" regexp="[\s]*(log|_log|LOG|_LOG)\.debug[\s]*\(.*"/>
-            <files>
-                <exclude name="${src.test}/**/*.java"/>
-            </files>
-        </clover-setup>
         <compile srcdir="${}" destdir="${}"/>
-    <target name="test" depends="junit-check, clover-check, compile, test-compile" description="run tests"
+    <target name="test" depends="junit-check, compile, test-compile" description="run tests"
-    <target name="reports" depends=",, javadocs"
+    <target name="reports" depends=", javadocs"
             description="generate javadocs and junit and coverage reports"/>
     <target name="docs" depends="reports, docs.impl"/>
-    <target name="" depends="test" description="generate coverage reports" unless="skip.tests">
-        <clover-report>
-            <current outfile="${}/clover">
-                <format type="html" filter="logDebug,logIsDebugEnabled"/>
-            </current>
-        </clover-report>
-        <clover-log filter="logDebug,logIsDebugEnabled"/>
-    </target>
-    <target name="clover.historical" depends="" description="generate coverage historical reports"
-            unless="skip.tests">
-        <clover-historypoint historyDir="${build.clover}"/>
-        <clover-report>
-            <historical outfile="${}/clover" historyDir="${build.clover}">
-                <format type="html" filter="logDebug,logIsDebugEnabled"/>
-            </historical>
-        </clover-report>
-        <clover-log filter="logDebug,logIsDebugEnabled"/>
-    </target>
     <target name="" depends="test" description="generate junit reports" unless="skip.tests">
         <junitreport todir="${}/junit">
             <fileset dir="${}/junit">
         <zip zipfile="${build}/${name}-${version}.zip">
             <zipfileset prefix="${name}-${version}" dir="${dist}">
-                <exclude name="docs/clover/**/*"/>
                 <exclude name="docs/junit/**/*"/>
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