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Thanks for trying out XWork2: the foundation for Struts 2, Java's most 
cutting edge web development platform. Struts 2 is brought to you by
the Apache Struts team. You can find out more about Struts 2 and
the Apache Software Foundation at http://struts.apache.org.

=== Documentation ===
The documentation can be found in HTML and PDF format in the docs

 * HTML format: docs/Documentation.html
 * PDF format: docs/docs.pdf
 * Javadocs: docs/api/index.html

This documentation has been generated from the XWork wiki at the time
of this release. If you are looking for the absolute latest
documentation, please visit the wiki at:


Note that these docs could include information about features not
included in this release, so take care when referencing the wiki.

=== Building ===
If you'd like to build your own version of XWork, we've included
everything you need in this distribution. The ant script, build.xml,
contains a "dist" task that you can launch to create your own xwork
jar. Simply run "ant dist" to create your own version of XWork.

This is a simplified ant build configuration. If you want to build the
entire distribution, have a look at the included documentation
(docs/wikidocs/Building XWork.html). You'll find a detailed description
of the maven2 based build in there.

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