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<H1>XWork Changelog</H1>
Version: <B>@version@</B> - Build Date: <B>@builddate@</B> - <A 
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<P>This is the XWork changelog. This is a high-level list of changes and bug fixes. 
  A more exhaustive list of issues is maintained in the <A 
href="">issue tracker</A>. 
  - Mar 21, 2004 </h3>
  Key Bugfixes: 
    <LI><a href="">XW-156</a> 
      - Added actionMessages support 
    <LI><a href="">XW-167</a> 
      - XWorkBasicConverter conversion from Date to String is not localized 
    <LI>Exceptions occuring during OgnlValueStack.findValue() are now logged correctly 
    <LI>Huge performance improvement when Ognl 2.6.4 is used (previous version 
      used a modified form of 2.6.3)
  New Features: 
    <LI><a href="">XW-162</a>, 
      <a href="">XW-161</a> 
      - Replaceable ObjectFactory for creating framework objects to allow easier 
      integration with IoC containers 
    <LI><a href="">XW-160</a> 
      - Add infinite recursion detection to the ChainingInterceptor 
    <LI>Tons of JavaDocs additions thanks to Bill Lynch
  - Feb 9, 2004 </h3>
  Initial release of XWork.