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				    <h2><a name="XWork1.0.6-XWork1.0.6ReleaseNotes"></a>XWork 1.0.6 Release Notes</h2>

<h3><a name="XWork1.0.6-KeyChanges"></a>Key Changes</h3>
	<li>Reworked instantiation of Validators, such that they are now thread safe (no changes visible outside of the framework were made).</li>
	<li>Distribution now includes a source zip which can be used by your IDE to allow you to browse the source.</li>

<h3><a name="XWork1.0.6-MigrationNotes"></a>Migration Notes</h3>

<table class='confluenceTable'><tbody>
<th class='confluenceTh'> Version </th>
<th class='confluenceTh'> Description </th>
<th class='confluenceTh'> Old Code </th>
<th class='confluenceTh'> New Code </th>

<h3><a name="XWork1.0.6-Changelog"></a>Changelog</h3>

<p><a name="jiraissues">
    <table  width="100%" cellspacing="0" class="grid">
            <th colspan="3" style="text-align: left;">
                                    <a href="/spaces/doexportspace.action?key=XW&macro.refresh=true#jiraissues"><img src="/images/icons/refresh_16.png" height="16" width="16" border="0" align="right" title="refresh"/></a>
                                <a href="">OpenSymphony JIRA</a>
                <span class="smalltext">(0 issues)</span>
                        <th style="text-align: left;">
                T                                                                                                                                                                            </th>
                        <th style="text-align: left;">
                                Key                                                                                                                                                            </th>
                        <th style="text-align: left;">
                                                Summary                                                                                                                                            </th>