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<title>XWork Introduction</title>
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<h1>XWork Introduction</h1>
<p><b>What is XWork?</b></p>
<p>XWork is a generic command framework that was first conceptualized in WebWork 
  1.0. Since then a lot of new ideas have been added to both the web portion of 
  WebWork, as well as the command framework that powered WebWork. XWork follows 
  many well-known (and some not so well-known) patterns such as the <i>Interceptor 
  pattern</i>,<i> Inversion of Control</i>, and the <i>Command pattern</i>. You 
  can learn more about these patterns later in this documentation.</p>
<p><b>How does XWork relate to WebWork?</b></p>
<p>XWork was originally created from the core ideas represented in WebWork 1.0. 
  It was later decided that splitting WebWork up in to two projects would be best. 
  This means that WebWork 2.0+ will be powered by XWork. Any web-specific stuff 
  that was in WebWork 1.0 is left to be in WebWork 2.0, while all the generic 
  framework stuff has been left in XWork. XWork also provides many new framework 
  features not found in the original WebWork 1.0 framework. </p>