xwork / maven.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project default="java:jar" 

    - we want this to happen every time we deploy the site
  <postGoal name="site:deploy">
    <attainGoal name="deploy-snapshot"/>

    - create a snapshot and automatically deploy it to the maven repository
  <goal name="deploy-snapshot">
    <maven:snapshot project="${pom}"/>
    <j:set var="" value="${snapshotSignature}"/>
    <ant:echo>Building snapshot JAR: ${}</ant:echo>

    <attainGoal name="jar:jar"/>

      - xwork.jar.dir is a custom property defined in that 
      - indicates which directory on the remote server the snapshot should be 
      - deployed to
    <echo message="copying to ${maven.username}@${pom.siteAddress}:${xwork.jar.dir}"/>
    <exec dir="${}" executable="${maven.scp.executable}">
      <arg value="${}.jar"/>
      <arg value="${maven.username}@${pom.siteAddress}:${xwork.jar.dir}"/>
    <exec dir="${}" executable="${maven.scp.executable}">
      <arg value="${}.jar"/>
      <arg value="${maven.username}@${pom.siteAddress}:${xwork.jar.dir}/xwork-SNAPSHOT.jar"/>
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