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opentyrian / FAQ

Q: What is OpenTyrian?

A: OpenTyrian is rewrite of Tyrian's Pascal (and x86 assembly) source code in C, replacing the arcane DOS code with SDL.

Q: Is Tyrian open source?

A: No, only OpenTyrian is open source. The Tyrian source code was (more or less) licensed to the OpenTyrian developers for an open-source port.

Tyrian was, however, released as freeware (under no specific license) by Jason Emery in August 2004.

Q: Why do I get a message along the lines of "OpenTyrian needs the Tyrian data files to run."?

A: You need to have the Tyrian 2.1 data files to run the game (1.x, 2.0, or 2000 data files will NOT work.) If you have them (can be obtained from any installed copy of the game) just create a data directory and place all the files there. If you don't, get yourself a copy (mirror).

On Linux, the data files may also be placed in /usr/share/opentyrian/data/.

Q: I have all the data files inside the ./data/ directory. Why does OpenTyrian still not find them?

A: If you're using a case-sensitive filesystem (most Unix-related filesystems), make sure the filenames are all lower-case. You can use the provided script to rename the files.

Q: Why isn't the mouse working as a controller?

A: Click the game window, and it will grab your mouse. Press <CTRL><F10> to release it again.

Q: Why is a chunk missing from the top of the screen in full-screen mode?

A: You probably have an Nvidia graphics card, right? We think it's a bug in their drivers. Using one of the scalers (set in the OpenTyrian Options menu) usually avoids it.

Q: Why do I get an error about SDL being missing?

A: You need the SDL runtime. On Windows, just put SDL.dll in OpenTyrian's directory.

Q: How can I contact the developers?

A: Pretty much all development discussion happens on #tyrian at freenode. If you have any offers for help or suggestions to the port, the preferred way to contact us is via IRC or filling a new issue report on this site.