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This widget generates random Lorem Ipsum from the following APIs


##Images: (requires signup for free api key).

Note: Access to high resolution requires full api access

##Some things to be aware of (will be fixed in future versions, and most likely before version 1.0.0) If the selected contenttype have no custom input fields, it will act as a folder and offer to create images There is sometimes an internal Enonic XP TikaException when storing images from Pixabay with createMedia API Support for Checkbox, RadioButton, Time, GeoPoint, Date, AttachmentUploader are not implemented There is no feedback if there is an error response from the API, for example if you try to: - use high resolution images from Pixabay without having full api access approved - use input fields that is not yet supported When creating tags, there is yet no too intelligent way of making sure that some of the content have the same tags. I mean it is all latin, so there will be some common tags if the amount of content is high enough. There is no progress bar, so if you do a real narrow search for images that yield no results ( like full HD Editors Choice award images of 'Napoleon Fish' ), don't sit there waiting for 15 minutes and blame the ContentHive, blame the busy times we all live in ;) * Sometimes when selecting related content there is not pre-filled value for the suggested folder in "..OR use random content from folder:", should not be too hard to fix

If you find a new bug or want a new feature:

##Install and configure 1. Add app to your site 2. Edit app config 3. Add Pixabay API key if you want to generate images 4. Add proxy server:port if needed 5. Optionally check the pre-include checkbox

##Generating images with ContentHive 1. Select a folder 2. Click the second icon in the top right corner and select 'ContentHive' widget in the dropdown 3. Optionally type a query, like 'fish' or select a category to get certain images 4. Editors choice are pretty images, but there are not an unlimited amount of them. 5. See for meaning of available search options 6. Click 'Create' to start generating images in choosen folder

##Generating other content with ContentHive

The purpose of generating random content is to see if your template takes into account different variations of text / html and related content. Also to save time by not creating stuff manually. When selecting format for Text and Html areas a number of checkboxes can be ticked (add links, add headers etc.). If 6 boxes are ticked, then for each created content a random number between 0 and 6 will be generated, if the number is 2, two of the selected options will be selected for this content. The same way with length of text, a random length will be selected, you only decide the max number of paragraphs. F.eks. for a preface 'short' and max 2 can be appropriate, but for body text you might want up to 10 very long paragraphs.

  1. Select a content of the type you want to generate. The selected content serves as a dummy/template for the created content
  2. If contenttype contains relatedcontent, select a value for each relatedcontent input you wish to be included in generated content
  3. Make sure 'include' is checked for each field you want to generate content for (can be pre-selected in app config)
  4. For each relatedcontent select 'Use only ...' OR select min/max/folder. Min = 1 and Max = 1 will always choose one relatecontent from selected folder
  5. Choose result style for TextArea and HtmlArea, see for text-format examples.

    Idea for widget by Rune Forberg and Stepan Shklianko at Enonic Kickoff at Sommar√ły, Norway.