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Recent activity

Paul Barker

Paul Barker pushed 8 commits to opkg/opkg

3815f05 - opkg_openssl: Merge in pathfinder support
b9c89e1 - opkg_gpg: Isolate gpg signature verification
d6bd311 - opkg_openssl: Isolate openssl signature verification
b66d986 - opkg_pathfinder: Move CURL support to opkg_download.c
5b3b7f3 - opkg_pathfinder: Require openssl
Paul Barker

Paul Barker pushed 6 commits to opkg/opkg

1e76f6a - file_util: Use opkg_archive functions in file_decompress()
2ac14d8 - opkg_archive: Add functions required by file_decompress
d804b35 - pkg_extract: Fix filename in header file
e53a134 - pkg_extract: Separate libarchive interface into opkg_archive.c
c3f2a18 - pkg_extract: Add glue layer
Paul Barker

Paul Barker pushed 34 commits to opkg/opkg

5fb28af - opkg_download: Drop resume options from wget invocation
8387554 - opkg_download: Handle failure to open dest file
a3992a1 - opkg_download: Minor indentation fix
f4bf805 - opkg_download: Add nocache download function
62cb86e - release: Tidy up logic, indentation and spelling
Paul Barker

Paul Barker pushed 7 commits to opkg/opkg

c0b1318 - tests/ Cleanup and improve
5196df7 - tests/ Update for changes in
28f9a9b - Add '--install' flags as needed
a99fa84 - Suppress warning about 'm4' directory not existing
16a0ffb - remove the automatic configure call and rewrite file
Paul Barker

Paul Barker pushed 19 commits to opkg/opkg

6a2fbd4 - libopkg: Fix incorrect renaming of opkg_config
fbd391a - Remove 'm4' directory during clean
5a214ed - tests/regress: Test virtual upgrade
edca497 - tests/regress: Test non-exclusive virtual package
99197b1 - tests/regress: Added tests for virtual packages
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