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 Bundle 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe'
 Bundle 'vim-scripts/mru.vim'
 Bundle 'kien/ctrlp.vim'
-Bundle 'andviro/flake8-vim'
+" Bundle 'andviro/flake8-vim'
 " Bundle 'oplatek/Conque-Shell'
 " Comment out not currently using plugins - vim startup slow
 Bundle 'DirDiff.vim'
 " vim-scripts at
 Bundle 'tComment'
-Bundle 'taglist.vim'
+" Bundle 'taglist.vim'
 Bundle 'mayansmoke'
 "alternate files
 Bundle 'a.vim'
 set nospell
 set spl=en
-autocmd FileType tex,text,plaintext,markdown,html,html,php,wiki setlocal spell
+autocmd FileType tex,text,markdown,html,html,php,wiki setlocal spell
 " spellcheck: command; ]S next error; zg add to spelldic; z= correct from spelldic
 map <silent> <F1> :if !&spell\|set spl=csa spell\|elseif &spl=='csa'\|set spl=en spell\|else\|set nospell\|endif<CR>