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ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition

Me and my friends collected ideas

  • ASR browser (Wholy Grail:)): Vimperator/Vimium plugin will be middle layer to ASR. The ASR could use commands of the plugins to control a web browser.
  • ASR email reader: NOT email client(not composing mails). Just reading emails. Easily extendable to email client and still useful.
  • TV tuner: ASR in with predefined set of commands to control TV through TV card. There is already working implementation in bachalor thesis of Patrik Cerny. It is available for students of Charles University at UK portal. UPDATE: Patrick granted me permission for using his code under GPLv3 licence, so now I have free hands. (Unfortunately no time:))
  • Radio tuner Version of TV tuner for Radio. Easier implementation - no need of TV card.
  • Audio search for IDOS(czech travel connection search) - too advanced (needs Dialog system)
  • Calculator

Outside inspiration

I collected several articles where ASR plays role in helping disabled people.