[Crash] Enter world crash

Issue #100 resolved
stfx created an issue

I dont know if anyone else tried to use the newest version, r140+, but I cant imagine because I didnt read of any bug reports that describe that crash and it really always crashes if your char enters the world. Happens right after r140 and I think it is r141 or r142.

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  1. stfx reporter

    Alright it is definately r142. Just compiled current version (152 or so) of oregon without the commit of r142 and it works like a charm.

    I am on win xp sp3 using it as localhost (1player). Sorry it does not look like your problem ... it crashed right away with just 1 player

  2. stfx reporter

    EDIT: Okay it without r142 the client crashed but not the server anymore ...

    Without r141 and r142 all is working fine though. Please revert those 2 commits from repo

  3. davevmb repo owner

    r141 and r142 will be reverted. Maybe when we have backported some more changes from TC we can merge these back in. For now it will be better to leave them out.

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