Loot is not triggered on killing Pristess Delrissa on Magister Terrace

Issue #1023 invalid
David Magalhães created an issue


id: 24560

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  1. LordUsagi

    Just tested on normal mode, after killing lackeys loot works. About to try heroic.
    Confirmed on heroic too, lackeys must be destroyed.

        void JustDied(Unit* /*killer*/)
            DoScriptText(SAY_DEATH, me);
            if (!instance)
            if (instance->GetData(DATA_DELRISSA_DEATH_COUNT) == MAX_ACTIVE_LACKEY)
                instance->SetData(DATA_DELRISSA_EVENT, DONE);
                if (me->HasFlag(UNIT_DYNAMIC_FLAGS, UNIT_DYNFLAG_LOOTABLE))
                    me->RemoveFlag(UNIT_DYNAMIC_FLAGS, UNIT_DYNFLAG_LOOTABLE);

    You'll want to alter this to allow for killing her directly, I'll do some research once the conditions branch is merged into the repository and amend it if it requires.

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