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Viktoria Michalovics created an issue

The health of the targets (NPCs, enemies, bosses, etc.) is showed ALWAYS in percentages (despite the settings in Interface). In GM mode it work well, but the normal players see always percentages. We tested it with more 2.4.3 client, but the problem has been always there. Thanks for help!

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  1. Viktoria Michalovics reporter

    Oh, it was the only thing that we didn't try... :D Thank you very much!!!!!!!! :)

  2. LordUsagi

    This is the correct behavior for 2.4.3. Before WotLK health values were always shown in percentages, except for cases where a player is in a party with another player. There was NO toggle for this. This behavior IS blizzlike. But we understand some people prefer to have it not that way, which is why the config option was included.

  3. Zaffy

    If you used gm on/off or .reload config you'll need to get those creatures reload in order for change to apply. For example in dungeon just go out and in.

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