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Is there a way to.. have certain rated teams/players go against players/teams near their own rating? Such as.. 1500 team going against 1500/1600, 1600 teams going against 1600/1700 and so on and so forth.. because right now 1500 teams are able to go against 2000 teams.. and that's not very good for the higher rated team because if they lose, they can lose up to 30 team/personal rating.


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  1. stfx

    Then they should not loose :) Just kidding I know thats a problem and I am currently backporting a lot of changes from TC2 for bg and arena so you just have to wait. But the devs have to commit my previous patches to repo first.

  2. stfx

    Btw you can set the maxratingdifference in oregencore.conf ... TC2 uses a default value of Arena.MaxRatingDifference = 150

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