Shade of Aran

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dave sch created an issue

Karazhan :Shade of Aran , arcane explosion spell has too big aoe radius. It is impossible to run out from this aoe. If i stay close to wall, its not allowed to hit me.

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  1. Lockhartt

    The spell has 21 yards radius - as it should be, so it is working fine. Interrupt flag needs to be added to the boss, but however this is a minor issue.

  2. Selphius

    Lockhartt, It should have 21yards radius, but it has not at least on fresh core, unless you fixed it yourself. The same goes for Talon King Ikiss Arcane Explosion, Vmaps/Mmaps don't work there so it's impossible to hide behind the pillar, the same goes for Aran. I run to the other side of the room and was still hit if Aran was on the opposite side of the same room.

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