[creature aggro] Creature doesnt aggro when under water

Issue #1097 resolved
job bais created an issue

rev: c07fe354bafbd8c689bf67de1106c8c31ca1ef93

ID of npc : 2231

location: auberdine

problem: When mob is on land afterall its a crab... it agro but when he is under water and you too it wont.

so it might have to do something with either being on land creature and then in water not being able to attack.

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  1. LordUsagi

    This is related to InahbitTypes being incorrect. I've done a database dump of correctly sniffed data and will be pushing it in the following days.

  2. LordUsagi

    Correct, although I've got a feeling NOT splines related. Instead this seems MMAP related. You can see this most relevant in Westfall, look for the Murloc Hunters on the coast. The hunter murlocs and their pets will correctly swim towards you, gracefully. This is how it should behave.

    Head further down the coast you'll find some neutral crawlers spawned on the shore a couple in the ocean. These NPCs will constantly move up and down like they're falling, and at certain depths just won't be able to reach you.

    What's strange about this one is that if I force canSwim to true, and isunderwater to true, the behaviour stays exactly the same.

  3. LordUsagi

    Murloc Hunter might, Hunters pet behaves special because it's a pet I believe (if you manually spawn the pet by entry, it wont swim properly.. if i remember correct)

    the other npcs that you can see it bug out on dont have ai scripts

  4. LordUsagi

    No, it works with Murloc hunters. Try changing the inhabit type of the Shore Crawlers to swim. (ID: 1216).

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