Ingame announce not working

Issue #1107 invalid
job bais created an issue

rev: c07fe354bafbd8c689bf67de1106c8c31ca1ef93?at=default

problem: didnt notice it before but i miss suddenly my announcements. with that i mean the autobroadcast and when you queue for Battlegrounds.

can anybody confirm??

when i do .announce <blah> it works but autobroadcast and arena queu announcer not.

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  1. LordUsagi

    I can't confirm this one. Do you have data in the autobroadcast table? As well as enabled in the config?

  2. job bais reporter

    yes, and beat me, it was a config problem 1 0 too much and then boomyou have not 30 min but 300 minutes aka 5 hours. but still when i go to a BGmaster and queu i dont see an announce.. and that is set to 1 when i also turn on the player only announce, that DOES work.

    so its strange

  3. NagyA

    I think He means that, if You join to the Arena / BG, it will announce you :

    " "XY" has joined the 2v2 arena!" or: "Battleground: Arathi Basin: joined 0 alliance and 5 horde!"

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