[Sunwell Plateau/Brutallus/Spell/MeteorSlash]

Issue #1121 invalid
d3athbl0w created an issue

Hi developers of oregon core!

Brutallus need a fix in the spell [Meteor Slash] http://db.excalibur-wow.com/?spell=45150

1) Brutallus must cast the spell after 40 seconds and throws this spell every 7 seconds

2) besides casting each added 7seg x2 x3 x4 and counting

3) with x10 meteor slash reaches damage 120k (120000) is imposible for users...

Thanks for your support and sorry mi bad english...!!!

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  1. LordUsagi

    Tested solo which wasn't too good.

    Meteor slash splits its damage amongst people hit. Then the debuff increases fire damage. This is how the spell is intended to work.

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