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dave sch created an issue

Spiritual Attunement Prot paladin passiv spell doesnt work perfectly. When a paladin is overhealed, for example has 8000/10000 hp and get an 3000 healing, the paladin doesnt get mana from 2000 healing. This bug can make prot paladin weeker, and more diffucult to tank with it.

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  1. Alan Deutscher

    I ran into this with issue #1070, and this issue ended up coming up. The proc for Spiritual Attunement was being calculated after the heal had already gone through.

    This would be a problem because when the proc happens the mana restored is the lesser of the target's remaining health or the heal's power. Since the heal had already been applied from the server's perspective, this was giving wonky numbers. The spell would restore less than it was supposed to if the target was brought to near-full (calculated off of the health that they were still missing instead of the effective heal). The spell would restore no mana if there was any overhealing at all.

    Issue #1070 was addressed with the commit 590958a . Could I confirm that your current build includes this change?

    On a server with the change implemented, I wasn't able to replicate the problem when I double-checked. Some of my results (target had rank 2, 10% restore):

    • On a Paladin with 7077 total health, and ~5600 current health (eyeballed), a ~3000 total heal restored 145 mana.
    • On a heal from 6891 to full health at 7077 (186 effective healing) with a massive overheal (~3000 total), 19 mana was restored.
    • On a 2968 heal that brought the paladin to just shy of topped off (within 300), 296 mana was restored.

    Edit - Added some more details.

  2. LordUsagi

    I definitely agree that overheals shouldn't count. Although the issue creator hasn't added any feedback yet.

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