Kiggler The Crazed, Gruul'lair

Issue #1137 new
dave sch created an issue

Do not casting Lighting Ball, so Hunters do not able to Tank this boss. So HKM fight become much more difficult.

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  1. dave sch reporter

    furthermore very diffucult pull these Bosses because moveing very very fast.(the pull the most important part of the fight)

  2. Markus Pursche

    This is hardly a major priority, a major priority would be something that has the possibility to crash the realm and/or is totally broken. Getting bosses to work like they do blizzlike is a minor priority.

  3. Selphius

    You mean Spell: Lightning Bolt? since I can't find any reference about this Lightning Ball. To top it, how can it not cast it? it's scripted so he does use this spell.

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