[NPC] some are swimming instead of walking

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job bais created an issue

I dont know since when, it might be due the new vmaps/mmaps change but again im not sure. Some mobs are swimming instead of moving.

a good example would be..

go to ghostland to the southeast to Zeb'nowa.

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-15 om 11.26.59.png

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  1. job bais reporter

    and around the dead scar... and i think many other places.

    i tried with the old vmaps and mmaps, but same, so it has to be something else..

  2. Selphius

    Yes, I use latest vmaps and mmaps, the same problem was on old ones too, found next location where npc's do swim in the air: Bloodmaul Camp in BEM.

  3. job bais reporter

    Lord i use the one that where posted by zaffy on the forum, so yes, i also tried it with the older one, and then we have same result. the picture that i took was at a spot where you can see the npcs walk.. a few steps, then swim, then walk again... but it is always on the same spot where they are walking and or swimming so it has nothing to do with the npc itself. but it has i think to do with that the core thinks that at that point there is water...

  4. PadreWoW


    Trouble is with water points!

    InhabitType = '1' is NOT a fix!

    NPCs with waypoints start lagging and can not walk through the water if InhabitType = '1'!

    See screenshot (quest Escape from Umbrafen - npc Kayra Longmane)


  5. mathman

    Movement flags are set dynamically atm you can check to disable updatemovementflag in creature class and enable movement flags from db (creature_addon i think)

  6. PadreWoW

    This is not fix

    There was no such problem on old commits

    You can not use flags_extra = 524288 for all mobs - some of them SHOULD swim and walk but there is a problem with InhabitType = '3' - you can see this problem on screenshots

  7. job bais reporter

    so the only fix would be in this case go trough all the mobs that are swimming ON land and use flags_extra = 524288 ???

  8. job bais reporter

    okay on a temp. fix until this is truly fixed, the use of flags_extra= 524288 will indeed make the creature walk and not float/swim.

    so this is hacky temp. fix..

  9. Selphius

    You can also change InhabitType from 3 to 1. Though use it only for creatures which are NOT near water, I prefer it that way. For example in Dun Morogh Leper Gnome does swim in air but there is no water where they are. So it doesn't matter what InhabitType they have or flag.

  10. job bais reporter

    i have truly no idea how many more mobs are affected by this "bug" so that means going trough the whole world and find them :(

  11. job bais reporter

    fine by me, and i can even make the sql if you want to update the correct creature so that they are fixed..

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