Lay on Hands resisted?

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Audi created an issue

Sometimes i get info from friends that Lay on Hands have been resisted... but it is positive spell...

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  1. Selphius

    Zaffy, maybe it's not on the topic, but how can I change HitRadius of AoE spell? f.e Ikiss it's something with?:

    case 33666: ///sonic boom. the radius is less than 34 yards, because the tank and melee also can avoid it.
                case 38795:
                    spellInfo->EffectRadiusIndex[0] = 9;
                    spellInfo->EffectRadiusIndex[1] = 9;
                    spellInfo->EffectRadiusIndex[2] = 9;

    It's example from Murmur, but it works at least, when I use something similar for Ikiss or Aran nothing changes.

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