Shadow Labirynth - Instance Lightness

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Selphius created an issue

No idea, how can I change it to be blizzlike, nor do I know if it's some kind of spell/object etc. So I decided to report it here, since Oregon aims to be blizzlike.

Take a look at this video for example:

You can see the instance is "MORE DARKER" which builds a good atmosphere, what it is now is a normal lightning which every instance uses as of now. It's a trivial thing, but I think it is also a good one to build a climate of the instance.

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  1. job bais

    maybe an idea to look on how it is on another core ( example Trinitycore.. ) how is the instance there??

  2. job bais

    Kotishe i ment that we need to look if we have same result on TC, if so, then it might not even be possible at this point. If its better on TC, then we can take a look on how they did it...

  3. Selphius reporter

    Just checked on my other realm 3.3.5a from TC. Seems like it's exactly like on OregonCore. Bright as hell :p


  4. LordUsagi

    Can you grab a copy of a video of the same place done in TBC times? I know it's somewhat difficult to come across and from a glance I can't see many, if any. But this video shows he is level 90. The graphical changes made to WoW over the years could be causation for the darker theme.

    Cheers, Usagi.

  5. Selphius reporter

    Yea, grabbing any video now is a real pain in the... everyone now only records soloing and we can't get a reliable source because of them.

    I only found 1 video I THINK it's TBC since I can't see experience bar etc. but here, the lightness isn't that much dark - can be cause of video recorder boosting it up or just it's the way it should be.

    Rest of the videos are from private servers like Feenix, so not much reliable.

    Now that I look at it more, it's possible like you said it's 4.0 patch+ change since graphics went up.

  6. job bais

    i can ask on my old facebook followers of 1k ?? :P maybe some old school guy has some vid or pic??

  7. Selphius reporter

    It's really to hard to find a source from TBC this days, since in TBC times too low people recorded their gameplay, reason? propably shitty computers :d year 2006/7? The only reliable source would be to find someone who played on retail on TBC and does REMEMBER how it was back then. Anything than that is just not worth believing.

  8. desteny

    I think this issue can be closed. As far as i know the Lightness of instances is a client side definition and can't be changed by server.

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