Reapply Combat during Boss encounter.

Issue #1163 resolved
Selphius created an issue

I think most people and developers know about this problem, but since it isn't reported here I will report it.

How it works: 1. The raid starts boss encounter, let's say Illidan. 2. Player fucked up and died by Illidan's Eye Beam. 3. He is ressurected by Combat Ress by druid. 4. He stand up AND he ISN'T in COMBAT. It won't reapply until the player takes action to attack the boss or heal player in combat. Which makes it a Critical bug, cause ressurected player without combat can just stand back and be casting ressurection on fallen comrades, making the boss a joke not an hard encounter. It does work like that for EVERY encounter, no matter how easy or hard it is.

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  1. desteny

    there is a method something like "SetZoneInCombat()" for Cpp Scripts, this in missing in a lot of scripts.

    i have implemented log ago a more generic way to set all players in a instance in combat if the targeted mob is a boss. (boss flag in DB) its quite easy.

    if you (oder the team) think this is a good solution i will make a pull request (or direct commit) soon.

    please give me a feedback. thanks

  2. Selphius reporter

    Doesn't "SetZoneInCombat()" only work for "Aggro Pull"? I remember it worked like that on Trinity Core, that's why some people were thinking about alternatives like Combat Pulse, but I guess it's only WoTLK Spell.

  3. desteny

    Its like Arerdon says, but for me its annoing to rewrite all scripts to fix this issue. its a repeated logic, and some kind of "code smell" for me, for this i would offer my solution if the feedback is positive, i have some time in two weeks i think i will commit it on a separated branch or on a pull request

  4. LordUsagi

    [Core/Creatures] Add support for periodic aggro pulses. This puts every player in the zone in combat and on the creature's threat list.

                 Add BossAI parent class to make use of this in _EnterCombat and
                 _Reset methods.
                 Fixes #1163

    → <<cset d2164124ecc7>>

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