Abyssal Shelf Quest - Horde [Hellfire Peninsula]

Issue #1164 resolved
Selphius created an issue

I found a VERY annoying bug. What do I mean by it? The quest works fine, kill credits etc. are given and all. When you gather "all kill credits" in other words quest should "complete" it doesn't do so and you can't return it to continue quest chain.

I've spend a lot of time trying to figure it out, checked practically every row in quest_template table. What's the most funny is that this quest does work perfectly fine for Alliance -> Single quest and Repeatable (there are 2 version of it, and are exactly the same). For Horde ONLY repeatable does work but the one "Single" do not like described above.

I tried a lot of things like copying the repeatable one onto the single one, but changing the quest flag to single and entry's. But even then it won't work, still you gain credits. Collect all = no quest complete. Any idea what can cause this?

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