Nazan <Vazruden's Mount> - Hellfire Ramparts.

Issue #1175 closed
AlphaFox created an issue

Its just an Optical bug,

On fight start Nazan normaly Flys , but he walking form the left to the right on the platform.

Now melee DD can atack nazan on ground.

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  1. Selphius

    @LordUsagi I know what he means, since I've had it too before. Before pull he is in the air, on the pull he flies down vazruden hops down and Nazan rather then go up in the air he goes on the floor to left / right etc. For me changing his inhabit type helped to solve this.

  2. LordUsagi

    Can you revert your inhabit type changes and try it with the new changes to movement flags I've made? I believe this solved the overlying issue of some npcs getting the wrong inhabit type in general.

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