[spell] All casting spells goes speedy speedy

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job bais created an issue

how to make a proper title of a bug that is strange.. well you cant :+1:

so what is the bug... all spells that have a cast time dont get proper cast time. With that i mean the following.

You take for example a mage, learn him spells, dont set ANY talent points, just to be sure. Now, go to a mob, and cast a spell on it.

you see the animation bar, most of the time after roughly 60% you see the casting bar go BOOM to full casting. So in short, it doesnt take for example 3,5 seconds to fire a fireball rank10 to a mob, but about 1,5 seconds to 1,8 seconds.

now take rank 1 fireball, it has a casting time of 1,5 seconds, its almost good but still not 1,5. tested it on a new lvl 1 mage. its roughly 0.75% of a seconds.

so in short it looks like all casting has a speed of 2x what tooltip is telling you.. so way to fast. and they dont even get a ticket for speeding!!! :+1:

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