The Arcatraz

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AlphaFox created an issue

In the first Room, the Protean Nightmare come not in Wave, the stay just there.

Warder Corpse are not dead (21304) and the dont spawn enough protean-spawn(21395) they spawn just 1 normal is 2.

some Mopgroup missing.

Arcatraz Sentinel show normal as dead, after go infight they start with 30% life not 100% aggro reset dont work?.

Negaton Warp-Master dont spawn voidzones.

Eredar Deathbringer dont give debuff to player and missing sowrd in they hand.

Eredar Soul-Eater(20879) this dont cast 36784/entropic-aura

20882/skulking-witch are not in stealth.

Ethereum Wave-Caster dont cast 38897/sonic-boom

20901/sargeron-archer they dont use range skills.

Sargeron Hellcaller dont cast 36829/hell-rain.

Millhouse Manastorm dont fight with the group

The Boss NPC.

20870/zereketh-the-unbound the Seed_of_Corruption somtimes make no dmg, other stuff of this is fine. in hardmode he dont use abilitys just melee atack.

20886/wrath-scryer-soccothrates dont use charge in hardmode he dont use abilitys

20885/dalliah-the-doomsayer in normal works fine, in hardmode dont use abilitys

20912/harbinger-skyriss <Image Split (Not the actual ability name) - At 66% and 33%, Skyriss will teleport and split into 2, like the Prophet Skeriam. One of these two will be the "fake" target and can be taken down much faster than the original. You will retain your original target when the split happens so the fake will be the unselected Skyriss.> <- the splits ar not atackable. in hardmode is not playable, after the kiss the first miniboss the event stops

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  1. job bais

    funny, you say some mobgroups is missing..

    i have a script that compares our spawns to the spawns of Trinitycore database. well take into cincideration that my trinitycore database is from roughly april 2015 so it might be changed, but this is the outcome.

    -- TC creature spawns on map 552: 90 -- OC creature spawns on map 552: 105 -- TC formations on map 552: 0 -- OC formations on map 552: 0

    oregoncore has more spawns then trinitycore database.. dunno why.. and there seems no formation on both databases ( again tc is from may 2015 i might update my tc database to get more up to date information )

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