[Exploit] Fall damage and pets

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job bais
created an issue

i noticed something interesting, while playing my warlock, if i died from fall damage my pet felguard does not despawn. He instead follows me around while i'm a ghost and can attack creatures, this only happens if i die from fall damage.

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  1. LordUsagi

    Well, I've just tested this with imps and felguards and couldn't reproduce. Any weird steps you were taking? Can you reproduce it 100% of the time?

  2. job bais reporter

    it was not mine report, so i went out to the guy on how to reproduce.
    he was trying 10 times before he finally got it back.. so its a lucky shot.

    this is how and why i think the problem is.

    When you go out of your range of your felguard or anything summoned by warlock, the felguard will be unsummoned and you get your stone back right?
    thats how it works.
    now the same is with fall damage and dying, the pet will be unsummoned.
    Now based on what i saw...

    `When you go take the falldamage, you fall down, then a timer and point of distance is ticking if you are not outside the range of your pet/felguard
    If that is at the point that you take the damage and actually die and within the range.. then you have this problem..

    sollution would be, DIE by falldamage always unsummon pet and get soul shard back, just like out of range.
    it seems that that check is not there, im not sure.. everything is just based on what i saw and how it works normally.. but what is normally these days :P

    it also works better while mounted and take falldamage.. maybe thats the problem.. he was not 100% sure.


    you can clearly see he is dead and his pet is alive, and take my word, that pet is angry that his master died and will attack every npc he sees :P

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