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some time, when i just playing i have big lag and after few secounds disconnect. When i trying logon my account it's still "connecting" and then turn on "unable to connect" My friends every time told me "your character is still online" and its true. I need wait 5-10 min. and i can log into my account and join to game.

Any solution ? this isnt my internet connection, this could be datebase ?

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  1. stfx

    did that problem occur after specific revision (e.g. r168) or did it exist since the beginning of the core?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    OregonCore Rev: 183 atm my server started working on Oregon Core at 150 rev. in first days we had many updates so i dont know since what rev i got this problem

  3. stfx
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    Can you please test it on different revisions otherwise I wont know which commit caused the error. There was a bug in r172+ which was fixed in r200 so it would be a good idea to test r201 first (newest). Keep in mind that you have to rebuild vmaps or just disable them for the tests. If r200 still does not work r168 should definately work.... looking forward to you test results :)

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