[boss] Reliquary of Souls - Essence of Anger

Issue #154 invalid
Former user created an issue

I cought the RoS, there was no seeth, and than, without reason, I've lost aggro, RoS has attacked an another warrior. It was after 4-5 seconds from pull, in this time there was no chance for this warrior to build aggro using thrown weapon. Misdirect was on me, so a whole situation was increadibly wrong.

After a wipe we went to kill some trash mobs. As a tank I had a second problem, the same as on Arcatraz - i wasn't generating any aggro. I couldn't make a reload during combat so there was no way to repair a bug. Moreover, after every pull i had the same problem.

To sum up - the RoS os bugged.

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  1. Selphius

    I know it's been long time since this issue was reported, but I don't see it as boss bug but rather class.

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