Karazan script crash

Issue #164 resolved
Arnaud KAPP created an issue

Hello, here is a core crash; Go to Karazan, mod your hp and the go in the room before Moroes'one. Pull all the mobs and then, the core will crash.

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  1. Henry Henderson

    Yes, are you using Windows or Linux? If Windows your crash logs will produce just fine, but if on Linux you might need to use elegos' GDB restarter to get the really good error logs it produces.

  2. Arnaud KAPP reporter

    I'm using Linux, I gonna try asap but you can try it too if you want, as I described, the bug is easy to reproduce.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Segmentation Fault i have this problem too! but in hyjal after kill winterchill + anetheron and speak with jaina

    sorry for my english..

  4. Arnaud KAPP reporter

    Actually It should be something like a incorrect pointer used. It might come from Unit.cpp (I would say in a function returning victim, target or something ?) but, how to find it out ?

    Stfx I think you can rename it like : Instance crash or something :P

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