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TBC tactic

Phase 2: Air

Sapphiron will take off into the air, at this point the life drain and the Blizzards will stop, instead he will start casting Ice Bolts, it is imperative that every single raid member has at a bare minimum more that 50% Hp at this point to be able to take the frost blast. If he should hit you with a frost blast and you die, there will be no ice block for your friends. In addition to having sufficient life, you need to spread out, which isn�t important in the ground phase. The reason for that is to make sure minimal amount of people gets the splash damage from the Ice Bolt. After 4 or 5 Ice Bolts Sapphiron will cast a frost breath, at that point all the raid members that aren�t in an ice block will have to run and hide behind one before the frost breath hits the group. It take about 7 seconds for the breath ball to hit the ground, as mentioned in the abilities you wont be able to avoid the frost breath unless you are behind one of the ice blocks.

No amount of frost resistance will save you from it, How ever paladin bubble and mage Ice Block will make you immune to the damage, but don�t be fooled by mage ice-blocks when you need to hide!

Shortly: Icebolt concludes two players in an ice block.

These blocks as LOS :) that is behind it it is possible to hide.

After that it uses Frost Breath which kills all who has not hidden behind blocks

Bug: Frost Breath who kills all who has hidden behind blocks and that in a block too.

sorry for English )

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