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The Blink ability of Mages dont work like on the Blizzard Servers. Indoor u can't blink

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  1. Edgars Baduns

    Blink is pain in the ass even for blizzard developers. At least we don't have blink as jump lol :) It is working pretty good imo

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Blink is really important for pvp and it works pretty good in battlegrounds (as far as i've tested it). But one big problem is arena - you've got a quite high chance to fall through the floor when blinking. On the bridge blink doesn't port you forward so its quite scary for a mage to meet a rogue/warri up there xD

    I'm not familiar with the program code but I just wondered if its possible (just for arena) to rise the port destination by just a few inchs?

    P.S.: same prob with shadowstep

  3. Edgars Baduns

    Strange.. I have played tons games as mage on oregon and have never blinked under map. With shadowstep it's bit different- if your target is back to wall you will step behind him, what happens to be out of texture

  4. Henry Henderson

    Same Blink is programmed really well never to fall under the map. Now if he's using MaNGOS or TrinityCore or a REALLY old version of OregonCore maybe but I've never had anyone fall under the map while blinking.

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